Molli Chwat Biography – Jacob Samuel

Born in Bialystok, Poland to a family of bankers. He studied art in his hometown and then entered the Saint Petersburg Academy of Fine Art. With the encouragement of thr notable painter Ilia Repine, he went in 1906 to a brief stay in Paris, were he was a free auditor in an art courses in the Art Academy. 
In 1909, he went to Geneva where met Gattin, a medicine student. The two fell in love and got married in the same year. In 1910, they came back to Saint Petersburg. Not much is known about this period of time in his life, until 1918. Feeling the tense building up in Russia, Chwat managed escaping from Russia before the revolution started. He and his wife went to Paris and during these years he entered the Fine Art Academy and later on the Open University. During the Second World War, Chwat became a refugee in Casablanca. He came back to Paris after the liberation and devoted his time to painting. In 1952, he received the Othon Friesz award.

In 1957, he immigrated to Israel. Until 1945, Chwat dealt with traditional classic subjects such as Portraits, but in 1945 he dedicated his painting to biblical themes, a transition that was very typical for Jewish painters after the Holocaust. Chawt died in 1979 in France. His works can be found in various museums in Israel and in France.“There are artists who attached to the ceremonial religion, others attached to the mysticism of the legends and some who enter the esoteric traditions. Chwat, in his painting, praises enthusiastically the great events that relate to the holly book. By this, he makes a strong and ancient connection to the source of Jewish art. Perhaps it is driven from the fact that Chwat is used to the countryside, were he lived the most.” La Via Juive, November 1955.
“There is a strange seduction in Molli Chwat talent, he is a remarkable colorist and living in alliance is an amazing force and the most subtle preciousness. His paintings combine cold tones that live in harmony with warm and generous tones. It is a silence, almost deaf symphony. In his paintings we can find the daring of the great primitive artists”.
Pierre Mornand La Revue Moderne Jenuar 1953.

Molli Chwat
Molli Chwat

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