Hugo Scheriber Biography – Jacob Samuel

Hugo Scheirber was born in Budapest in 1873. At the age of eight he moved with his family to Vienna. There he worked with his father in painting signs for the largest fair in Vienna. At 1898  Scheriber returned with his family to Budapest where he started studying commercial art in the evening.

During the day  Scheriber worked in order to support his family. In 1900 he graduated. Scheriber artistic taste showed he was drawn to futurism and Expressionism. At 1915 he met Marinetti who invited him to join the futurism movement.

His modern art style didn’t match the academic art studies which held in Hungary, from this reason his paintings were overlooked. In 1919  Scheirber  and his friend  Béla Kadar held an exhibition in Vienna, this exhibition was so successful that Budapest museum had purchased two of his paintings
In 1920,  Scheirber had returned to Vienna. A turning point in his career happened at 1921 when he met Herwarth Walden the founder of “Der Sturm” gallery. From that moment and on his paintings were exhibit in waldens magazine. The exposure caused  Scheirber  to be invited to participate in exhibitions in London, Rome, Bolivia and New-York.
 Scheirber paintings are rich with spontenous and active brush strokes. The Café and cabaret life played an important role the European avant-grad. Scheirber focus in the cafe life was illustrated in number of his works where you can find dancers, musicians, singers and actors.
Hugo Scheirber died in 1950, at the age of 77.
Today Scheirber is a well known and is shown in many museums and exhibitions around the world.

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