Jan Willem Pieneman Biography – Jacob Samuel

Jan Willem Pieneman was born November 4, 1779 in Abcoude. His father saw him preferred merchant, but his obvious talent and character lust he was admitted to the Amsterdam City Stabbing Academy, where he developed himself further. In 1805 at age 26, he became art teacher at the Academy of fortress construction in Amersfoort. Then he was in Delft Professor of Drawing.

Afterwards he became director, the Royal Cabinet of Paintings in The Hague. This collection would later form the basis for the current collection of the Rijksmuseum.

Pieneman is widely regarded as one of the leading figures in the Dutch Romanticism. He glorified in the great historical works warlike deeds of the Dutch army against Napoleon. The huge painting “The Battle of Waterloo” from 1824

(576 x 836 cm) which is now standing in the Rijksmuseum (the largest painting in the Rijksmuseum) by King William I bought for 40,000 guilders. After which it made an exhibition tour through Brussels, Ghent and London. The total collected entry fees alone amounted to 100,000 guilders.

The importance of emphasizing the matter was like working with large dimensions.Similarly in the painting “The heroism of the Prince of Orange Quattre Bras on June 15, 1815 that” 400 x 650 cm high. Pieneman acts as court painter for the Orange and portrays senior figures from London and the Hague court circles.

In 1820 he was director of the Royal Academy in Amsterdam. In that capacity he is a teacher and inspirer of many famous Dutch 19th century artists, including: Greive, Hilverdink, Spohler and Jozef Israels.

Pieneman died on August 4, 1853 in Amsterdam. The writer Jacob van Lennep commemorated him in a personal reason.There are approximately 75 publications on his work published.

The painting “Portrait of a Jewish man” is a previously unknown work remainedJan Willem Pieneman he probably between 20 and 30 years of the 19th century has made. The light brown uniform background and the size and pose reminiscent of a self-portrait from the same time, now in the hands of the Hague Gemeentemuseum (inv.nr.10-1925). What his work is not known. Can not be very big, since he often years with his huge canvases has been busy, and many students have been taught.

There is little of J.W. Pieneman on the art market. Even his paintings are seldom auctioned. Especially since his great fame that caused his early work was included in important collections. All major museums of our country and who work for him. He also worked many commissioned portraits and most of which are mostly held by the descendants of the sitter.


Partly because of the rare and important this subject is painting in excellent condition and clean, with a new list.


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